IMC South African Designed Packaging Machines

IMCDCS-1C Series 25kg Bagging Line (Granular)


This semi automated production line is designed in such a way as to be multi functional. It can be configured both for paper bags require sewing for sealing and Plastic/woven bags using heat sealing. The operation of the line is such that the operator is required for placing the bag and removing the bag once filled and sending the bag down the line for further processing. The accuracy of the scale is precise and is configured for top filling. The line can also be configured by customer request for automatic weighing. The layout of the line is both compact and small and can be configured into different directions if required. Should your factory be so configured that a drop through top down is availabile then we can accommodate for that in this design as well.


 Dosing Mode Weighing by Scale Hopper
 Packing Weight  5/25kg (Enlarged Size 10-50kg)
 Packing Accuracy  <+0.2%
 Packing Speed  >6bags/Min
 Power Supply  3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz
 Total Power  2.5 KW
 Air Supply  6 kg/cm2 0.3 m3/min
 Total Weight  800kg
Overall Dimension 4800x1500x3000mm

Chlorine, Nuts, Sugar, Rice, Pasta, Raisins, Berries, Biltong, Herbs, Sweetener, Dog Pellets, Frozen veg, Coconut Sugar, Washing powders, Spices, Salt, Pepper, Backed beans, Beans, Capsules, Cereals, Chilies, Chocolates, Coffee, Crisps, Dried Fruit, Crushed Garlic, Gums, Jelly Powder, Knacks, Noodles, Oats, Pea Nuts, Pepper Corns, Sago, Seasonings, Seeds, Sugar Beans, Sweets, Tablets, Tea

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