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IMCRGBX-160 Sleeving Machine High Speed


This machine is designed to place heat shrink seals or labels onto the body of a bottle or jar. The machine has a high working capacity and is easy to use. The operator interface touch screen make setup easy.
The machine is driven by a servo drive system for high accuracy and stability.



  1. Full stainless steel (304) cover of main machine which is fully waterproof and rustproof;
  2. Adjustable cutter plate: rotary cutting, double side cutting blade, long use life
  3. Single orientation type center guide pole: stable label transportation;
  4. Synchronization bottle space screw: stable bottle transportation.
  5. Label brushing set: more accuracy label sleeving precision;
  6. Label controlling sensor;
  7. Touch screen type operation
Size  2000L*800W*2000H(mm)
Gross weight: about 450KG
Bottle diameter  25-125mm(max)
Bottle Height 15-320mm
Bottle type  according to different style of bottles
Label length  30-160mm(max)
Label thickness  0.030-0.08mm
Paper pipe inner diameter  3-10
Machine speed 100BPM
Power AC 3¢380V
Consumed power 3KW


Model Variations

RGLTT-100 Vertical Auto Inserting and shrink Machine

Size  900L *900W *1800H(mm)
Gross weight about 100KG
Bottle diameter  80mm (max)
Bottle type  Round
Label length  70mm (max)
Label thickness  0.03-0.08mm
Paper pipe interior span  3-10 inch
Machine speed 100pcs/min (max)
Power AC 3¢220V
Consumed power 1.2KW


Shrinking Tunnel Steam or Electric – Preference by product or customer

Shrinking Tunnel Steam or Electric

Size  2000L*800W*900-1600H(mm)
Power  AC 3¢380
Consumed power  0.4KW
Steam use-power about 3-5KG

Bottles, Jars, Labels

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