IMC South African Designed Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines South Africa - High Quality Raw Materials.

In the manufacturing of wide range of packaging machinery, our core production strength lies in high quality raw materials such as all stainless steel and famous branded electronic devices (Omron, Siemens, Fuji, and Mitsubishi).

Strict Quality Control.

Attention to detail, professional service, distinguished quality products and going the extra mile for our customers are the hallmarks of IMC. Supported from our manufacturing plants and R&D center, through our troubleshooting department, IMC can assure a strict quality control check of components before assembly, guaranteeing high performance and long-lasting machines.

After Sales Service.

IMC's role does not end once the final packaging machine has been determined but continues to provide an integrated service from original select to after sales service. A long-term business relationship is created by ensuring customer satisfaction, discerning your needs, and delivering on our promise. Fast and easy shipment channels are available from manufacturing plants in China to destination ports in South Africa at highly competitive rates, supported by excellent infrastructure ensuring there are no delays.

Quality Can Be Affordable.

IMC Packaging Machines South Africa, decided to take our South African design skills and combine it with a market that is geared up to produce most cost effectively. This is achieved through setting up a production facility in China with recognized machine manufacturers that would build our machines to our quality.


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Packaging Machines South Africa - High Quality Raw Materials.

"The successful growth of IMC could never have been achieved without the support and co-operation of the companies who put their trust in our products. We owe a debt of gratitude to those companies and offer the promise of our continuing service and support to them."

Michael Murphy (director)